Literacy Alliance of West Nipissing

Literacy Alliance of West Nipissing

Workshops – Your Investment in People Development


Sometimes the only barrier to employment is the client's inner self. It may not be about education but more so about self-esteem and self-confidence. These sessions have been showing many successes over the past few years and could help you to see a more positive outlook in your life as well.   Call us to book an appointment!

Here are for-a-fee workshops that we provide:

Barriers to Employment Workshop

This unique 3 hour session helps clients explore their inner resistance to employment. The hands-on workshop is designed for clients who wish to work but think they cannot. It supports the principles of effective change management. The workshop is the first step toward positive and significant lifestyle change.

Putting Your Best Self Forward

Back by popular demand, this two week program focuses on building confidence. It is designed to enhance self-esteem and to learn how to present a positive image. The training program includes the concept of self-image, personal hygiene, fitting in socially, everyday etiquette and interacting with others at work.

This intensive program is designed to be an interactive team building exercise. The clients are exposed to situations similar to the work environment. Participants will be required to follow simple rules, similar to a place of work. Limited to six participants per session.

Acing the Job Interview

This six hour workshop (over two sessions) provides coaching on job interview etiquette. The participants will receive training on handling face-to-face interviews. They will have the opportunity to role-play as an interviewee. Video playback will help build confidence and create coaching opportunities.

Communicating with Confidence

A fun, interactive workshop that builds communication skills. This three hour workshop explores verbal and non-verbal communications, and reveals common barriers to effective communication. It is designed to highlight the "art of listening."